Precision Teaching University

Helping you help them.

Courses for teachers and behavior analysts about using the science of Precision Teaching for transformational learning outcomes and behavior change.

Jonathan Amey

Webinar -Movement & Measurement: Developing Psychomotor Repertoires with Precision Teaching

With videos, fluency aims, and instructional advice, this webinar covers the basic tool skills to develop confidence and coordinated gross motor movement in learners

Megan Miller

Using Precision Teaching to Improve ABA Service Delivery

Get ideas for behavior analysts on how to infuse Precision Teaching within your current ABA delivery model

Jason Guild

Learning Pictures: Helping Precision Teachers Make Quality Decisions Quickly

At a school for students with ASD, staff and students make decisions about progress using "learning pictures." Here's how.

Elizabeth Haughton

Handwriting Skills for Learners with Special Needs

Over the last 50 years, Elizabeth Haughton has helped produce transformational outcomes for learners with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, ASD, and other diagnoses. We’re honored to have her speak on developing a key functional language skill: handwriting.


Practical Precision Teaching

Experts on Enhancing ABA Service Delivery with PT

Dr. Kendra Newsome

Webinar - ACT for Behavior Analytic Service Models

Guest host Dr. Kendra Newsome, a brilliant contributor to ABA science, gives low-effort, high-impact examples and shows how to address socially relevant, observable, and measurable behavior with ACT.