Practical Precision Teaching

Practical Precision Teaching

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Experts on Enhancing ABA Service Delivery with PT

Discover how to easily implement Precision Teaching within your current ABA practice. 

With these webinars from 7 engaging experts, you can smoothly see how to enhance what you're already doing with Precision Teaching techniques and tools.

Within this bundle, you get recordings packed with tips on programming, measurement, curriculum, and more; links and PDFs with additional resources; and 5 quizzes worth BACB Type 2 credit.

Once you purchase the bundle, all courses and quizzes will remain on your Precision Teaching University dashboard, where you can access them whenever you want them. If you have a coupon, please click "BUY $75.00" and enter the coupon code on the Confirm & Pay page.

What’s in the webinars?

  1. Dr. Megan Miller (PEAK trainer & ABA practice owner) provides feasible ideas on how behavior analysts can infuse Precision Teaching within their ABA service delivery model. 

  2. Dr. Amanda Kelly (BehaviorBabe) and Dr. Rick Kubina (CentralReach) examine a common intervention for autism with the Standard Celeration Chart, and make a surprising discovery.

  3. Dr. Kerri Milyko (ABA practice owner) offers lots of video clips to demonstrate how to transform or create curriculum with free operant Precision Teaching procedures.

  4. Liz Lefebre (ABA practice owner) shows how to arrange skill acquisition programming with Precision Teaching so that learners with developmental disabilities gain skills “for free.”

  5. Elizabeth Haughton (lifelong teacher) helped produce transformational outcomes for learners with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, ASD, and other diagnoses. She speaks on Handwriting.

  6. Kendra Peacock (director, school for children with ASD) explains how to measure social skills — usually hard to pinpoint — with video examples of students and staff.

  7. Jason Guild (director, school for children with ASD) gives examples on how behavior analysts, students, and teachers use the Standard Celeration Chart to easily make learning decisions.

Practical Precision Teaching includes these courses

Using Precision Teaching to Improve ABA Service Delivery
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Using Precision Teaching to Improve ABA Service Delivery - CEU Quiz
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Precision Teaching: A two-factored Powerhouse
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Webinar - How to become a Master-Level Data-Driven Decision-Making Behavior Analyst
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How to become a Master-Level Data-Driven Decision-Making Behavior Analyst - CEU Quiz
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Learning Pictures: Helping Precision Teachers Make Quality Decisions Quickly
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