CR Institute
Kim Berens

Webinar - From Precision to Scope

Discoveries and outcomes from FitLearning labs, where student regularly gain 1 academic year in just 40 hours of instruction.

Liz Lefebre

Webinar - Think Big, Start Small

Kerri Milyko

Precision Teaching: A two-factored Powerhouse

Dr. Kerri Milyko will discuss how to transform or initially generate curriculum suited to Precision Teaching methods and measurement. With lots of videos!

Adam Hockman

Precision SLP

Using measurement science for articulation therapy, voice disorders and hygiene, stuttering/fluency, accent reduction, augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) & more!

Jonathan Amey

Webinar -Movement & Measurement: Developing Psychomotor Repertoires with Precision Teaching

With videos, fluency aims, and instructional advice, this webinar covers the basic tool skills to develop confidence and coordinated gross motor movement in learners

Megan Miller

Using Precision Teaching to Improve ABA Service Delivery

Get ideas for behavior analysts on how to infuse Precision Teaching within your current ABA delivery model