Debunking Precision Teaching Myths - Webinar

Webinar - Debunking Precision Teaching Myths

taught by Kerri Milyko

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Expand your ABA repertoire in this can't-be-missed webinar on Precision Teaching myths, the truth within them, and video examples of how to put Precision Teaching in practice. With guest speaker Dr. Kerri Milyko, BCBA-D.

Kerri Milyko
Kerri Milyko
Clinical Director of Precision Teaching Learning Center (Precision TLC)

Dr. Kerri Milyko is one of the newest leaders within her specialty: Precision Teaching (PT).  Within just a few years, she helped develop a learning center, executed various research projects, was appointed as Contributing Editor of the scientific journal of Precision Teaching, and was elected to be the Vice President of the governing agency of Precision Teaching.  All of this was accomplished while she was working on a doctoral degree at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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