Webinar - Getting Started with Precision Teaching

Getting Started with Precision Teaching

taught by Rick Kubina

Course description

ABA programs will flourish or flounder based on measurement issues. A powerful measurement system helped to transform the lives of...

  • Cecilia (age 16), who could only communicate with 3 icons
  • Edgar (age 6), who left his seat during school
  • Justin (age 16) who struggled with incontinence
  • and others

Gain a quick understanding of how Precision Teaching can help your learners through measurement and decision-making.

Rick Kubina
Rick Kubina

Rick Kubina, Ph.D., BCBA-D, is Director of Research at CentralReach, cofounder of Chartlytics, Professor of Special Education at Penn State University, and author of The Precision Teaching Book

Rick taught special education in a private schools specializing in post acute brain trauma rehabilitation for three years. During his doctoral program, Rick worked as a graduate teaching assistant for the Great Lakes Regional Resource Center. He was the editor of the Journal of Precision Teaching and Celeration and is the author of many publications.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started with Precision Teaching
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