Webinar -Movement & Measurement: Developing Psychomotor Repertoires with Precision Teaching

Movement & Measurement webinar

taught by Jonathan Amey

Course description

This webinar will cover the tool skills necessary to begin a psychomotor skills program and utilize the Standard Celeration Chart to monitor student progress.  Emphasis will be placed on systematic instruction of joint range of motion, coordinated flexibility, and gross motor games. Early work in the field will be discussed and expanded to include new insights. Collaboration with allied professionals (physical/occupational/speech therapists) will also be highlighted. Participants will come away with a roadmap to guide teaching and enable learners to better affect their world through coordinated gross motor movement.

Jonathan Amey
Jonathan Amey
Founding Director, A.I.M.S. Instruction

Jonathan Amey M.Ed. is the founding director of Agile Instruction and Management Solutions (A.I.M.S) in Pittsburgh, PA.  Combining his sports medicine background with Precision Teaching, Jonathan focuses on building gross motor repertoires in students across a broad spectrum of abilities.  While serving as a special education teacher, Jonathan designed and implemented a school-wide gross motor skills wellness group. Over the last 17 years, Jonathan has utilized precision measurement to continually develop and expand a growing curriculum of gross and fine motor movements. He has presented his work at numerous conferences. Jonathan is the manager of the Multidisciplinary Skills Development special interest group within the Standard Celeration Society.

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Movement and Measurement: Developing Psychomotor Repertoires with Precision Teaching
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