Precision Teaching: A two-factored Powerhouse

Precision Teaching Powerhouse

Precision Teaching: A two-factored Powerhouse | taught by Kerri Milyko

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There are two features that differentiate Precision Teaching from the rest of the ABA community: the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) and free-operant-based curriculum.  When these critical features are used in combination with each other, learners make significant gains, learning is maximized, and individualism is championed. The brilliant brains at Chartlytics have taken care of disseminating factor one.  And even after users have seen the value and need of using the SCC, some face a barrier of actually putting the sensitive measurement tool to use.  They still have a Discrete Trial Training or traditional educational view and struggle with seeing how to “free-up” the academic skill or program. 

Dr. Kerri Milyko will talk about the “component-composite view” of how to transform or initially generate curriculum suited to Precision Teaching methods and measurement.  Attendees will see video clips ranging from children with developmental disabilities to those who are typically functioning, ages 3 to 12, with examples from Precision TLC’s curriculum.

Kerri Milyko
Kerri Milyko
Clinical Director of Precision Teaching Learning Center (Precision TLC)

Dr. Kerri Milyko is one of the newest leaders within her specialty: Precision Teaching (PT).  Within just a few years, she helped develop a learning center, executed various research projects, was appointed as Contributing Editor of the scientific journal of Precision Teaching, and was elected to be the Vice President of the governing agency of Precision Teaching.  All of this was accomplished while she was working on a doctoral degree at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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Precision Teaching: A two-factored Powerhouse
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