Frequency building leads to behavioral fluency

4 Simple Ways to Supercharge Instruction with Behavioral Fluency - CEU Quiz

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Rick Kubina and Team Chartlytics present…

Four simple ways to supercharge instruction with behavioral fluency

  1. Learn the critical difference between accuracy building and frequency building (hint, one leads to acquisition while the other results in fluency).
  2. Give each performer a choice with free operant procedures.
  3. Why doesn’t everyone use a performance standard, you will learn why and how they help your programming.
  4. See what the research says about the amazing benefits from behavioral fluency.

Creating programs for students with disabilities poses a significant challenge for new and seasoned practitioners. The good news, whatever type of instruction you implement, adding frequency building will result in significant improved outcomes. Frequency building is the scientific name for systematic practice. Research shows frequency building leads to long term retention, endurance or resistance to fatigue and distraction, and application or behavioral elements combining into a one behavioral compound. In the upcoming webinar we will discuss the research background for behavioral fluency and demonstrate how to add frequency building in four easy steps.

Rick Kubina
Rick Kubina

Rick Kubina, Ph.D., BCBA-D, is Director of Research at CentralReach, cofounder of Chartlytics, Professor of Special Education at Penn State University, and author of The Precision Teaching Book

Rick taught special education in a private schools specializing in post acute brain trauma rehabilitation for three years. During his doctoral program, Rick worked as a graduate teaching assistant for the Great Lakes Regional Resource Center. He was the editor of the Journal of Precision Teaching and Celeration and is the author of many publications.

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4 Simple Ways to Supercharge Instruction with Behavioral Fluency
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