Webinar - Think Big, Start Small

Webinar - Think Big, Start Small

Identifying Component Skills for Programming | taught by Liz Lefebre

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When designing programming for all learners, it is important to ensure that the clients have the component skills necessary to be successful in learning the things we are attempting to teach. Often times when working through skills we run into roadblocks with learners that point us in the direction of missing component skills.

This webinar will provide a brief overview for participants on how to identify component skills for larger composite skill area, and how to arrange instruction component skills in order to ensure composite skills develop for “free.”

Liz Lefebre
Liz Lefebre
Founding Director at Accelerate Learning Specialists

Liz Lefebre  (MA, BCBA) began working with children with Autism in the field of Behavior Analysis in 2005. Liz has a passion for helping children access the highest quality behavior and educational services in all environments. Her broad clinical experience includes 15 years of training and practice ranging across a variety of areas including Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, instructional design, early intervention, intervention of challenging behavior, curriculum development and modification and academic skills.

Liz earned her master’s degree in clinical psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2008 and a bachelors degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from at the University of Washington in 2005.

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Webinar: Think Big, Start Small: Identifying Component Skills for Programming
Think Big, Start Small: Identifying Component Skills for Programming
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by Erin Grubbs

by Erin Grubbs